Mavericks Film welcomes you to Pearl, our truly bespoke private film production service bringing the highest standard of cinematic filmmaking to individuals who place real value on their special moments and wish to capture their unique experiences on film forever.

Whatever your story, we encapsulate it in a beautifully crafted high-definition cinematic film that will be treasured forever. It will become the most precious film in your movie library.

Life can be determined by our most heartfelt memories whether past or present. It is our unique journeys and intimate and joyous experiences with our friends, family and dearest loved ones that we most cherish and we may sometimes miss. Pearl honours our most priceless memories by pushing the boundaries of the most evocative and unrivalled medium of expression; the art of cinema. We blend story, cinematography, colour, art, music and design into an emotional and exciting magical experience that no basic video or photograph could ever deliver.

Pearl ensures that those picture perfect moments from our favourite movies and glossy TV commercials are no longer a world away, the difference and the beauty being that your film is truly real.

Pearl is presented by Mavericks Film. We are a leading London based film production company working across feature films, commercials, documentaries and short films. Our work has taken us to film all over the world, our films have been officially selected in international festivals and this is all supported by our expert team of talented film professionals. We are craftsmen and storytellers. We understand style and cinema and we have an eye for quality. Whatever your story, whatever your dream, a Pearl film will guarantee that you Remember Forever.

Our Service

We believe that every person is truly unique and every experience one of a kind. Pearl carefully crafts each of our client's films to ensure that every moment is captured perfectly. We therefore do not offer packaged solutions, only a high-end bespoke service.

Some popular films and themes range from, but are not limited to: Romance, Family, Travel, Documentaries, Biographies, Friends, Bachelor, Business, Luxury Lifestyle, Stylised Wedding Stories, Art Films, Heroes, Extreme Sports, Skiing, Black and White, Hollywood, Film Noir…

  • Filming can range from just a few hours or a few weeks. Post production to final delivery can typically take between 1 week to 4 weeks.
  • A Pearl Film includes: Mavericks' leading film crew, your personal Pearl planner, HD camera and light equipment, editor, film composer with Hollywood pedigree, access to a live orchestra, state of the art sound studio, motion-graphics and delivery on BluRay or DVD in our luxury limited edition gift box.

From inception our expert Pearl consultants help you discuss and develop your story, plan the film around your schedule and ensure final delivery. Our team are here to help you every step of the way, whether we film for a few hours or a few weeks.

Pearl DVD Gift Box

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We hold our client's privacy with the utmost confidence. Their personal stories, data and films are kept stricktly confidential and never disclosed or published in any domain.