Usually graphic designers are almost the last creatives to work on music projects before they go in production; after the music has been rehearsed, played, recorded, mixed, remixed and mastered, the graphic designer adds a visual identity to the music. At its best, the graphic designer is able to capture the essential atmosphere and mood of the recorded music and give it its unique face. This way of working is fine and logical, given the fact that the music is leading. However, we believe it is an extremely interesting idea to flip this concept 180° ! A fine international selection of graphic designers is challenged to take the leading role in a music project: the designers create a record cover that is free of restrictions and other people's wishes and needs. After finishing their designs, it is up to the designers who they think should be in the band and what the music should sound like. We would like to take it even one step further and let the style, atmosphere and attitude of the music be dictated by the designers as well. Within this concept ONcovered reveals the sound and power of graphic design. It also means a radical new approach in the process of creating new music. So you call the shots, you dictate the musical style, the name, the title. It should be for a record that doesn't exist yet, for a band that doesn't exist.